Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Arrivers

With decades of experience as professional musicians, The Arrivers are highly regarded in the St. Louis community as some of the best at their craft.

Mike Bequette Introducing our New Lead Vocalist, Mike Bequette!

Marc Gokenbach

MarcMarc Gokenbach is a Singer, Keyboardist, Arranger and Composer and has been playing music professionally for 40 yrs. Marc was born and raised in South St. Louis County. He started playing trumpet at 7 yrs. old and played in a variety of orchestras and bands through high school. He switched over to vibes and keyboards in his early twenties after moving out to California to play music with his brothers, both musicians, taking music courses at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA. He moved back to MO in 1986 and went back to school at Mineral Area College in 2007 for Music and Music Theory.

Marc has been married to his wife, Ginny for 32+ yrs. and has 2 outstanding grown children who he is extremely proud of.

Marc has preformed and toured with such acts as The Flyers, Lickin'Good, Hudson Bay, and High Spirits in CA, and has been a band member with Jim Cady for 11 yrs. in this band (formerly The Usual Suspects).

Jim Cady

JimJim has been a working musician for over 15 yrs. After studying jazz and vocals at Washington University in St.Louis , Missouri, he proceeded to study vocals and bass guitar privately with accomplished national performers. His instructors have included Steve Kirby and Mark Deutsch.

Jim has performed with dozens of local bands and performers including : Jazz Edge Big Band, Live Wire Blues Band, Shaken - Not Stirred, Lenny Klinger's Galaxy, Jeannie Trevor, Sherise White, Deborah Sharn, and Mae Wheeler.

Dave Sweet

Dave Dave holds an associate of arts degree from Mineral Area college, where he studied percussion and music theory with Mike O'Brien.
Dave has also studied with Rich O' Connell ( St.Louis Symphony ) , Steve Davis (Lynne Arriale Trio , Jamey Aebersold ) and Jim Chapin ( author of "Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer " ). He has played U.S.O. tours in Alaska, Haiti, Turkey, Italy, Greece and Spain, as well as playing throughout the continental United States .

Dave currently plays with the band " The Arrivers" and also performs freelance work. Dave has been teaching drums for over 20 years.

Doug Carson

DougDoug holds a B.A. in Music Management from the University of Missouri in St. Louis. He was the band director for a local show group in St. Charles, Mo for 15 years. Doug has toured extensively with country, rock, blues and show bands for the U.S. Department of Defense throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Greenland, Iceland and Central America, as well as touring in Canada and most of the United States. Before joining The Usual Suspects, Doug has performed with The Osmond Brothers, Tiny Tim and local celebrity Bob Kuban.